Sunday, February 10, 2013

A whole year later

Well here we are.

A year has passed, I graduated from college and am off and running with new projects. Perhaps I'll find more time to post about Rye this year.

Rye is doing well in agility. He enjoys running with me. We are doing running contacts on the DW and AF and I am enjoying that. My winter project is to get him weaving - bought him a new set of weave poles.

He is looking great on sheep. Progress is slow because we can only train on weekends. His siblings are at Scott's for training this winter so I have some "competitive anxiety" knowing they will come back so much farther along than what Rye is. That being said, after a few dark moments this summer, I've come to really enjoy working Rye. Each time I take him out, he changes and improves. It is an exciting period of our development as a team.

I am still not convinced he will make a Nursery dog, but I'm confident he'll have a career as an adult.

Life is good :)

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