Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rye's first whistle

Rye got to hear his first whistles on sheep yesterday. He has been stopping pretty well and liking the stop (not fighting me on it but for the very odd occasion). I don't normally stop him this often but decided to take advantage of having lambs at Fido's and introduce him to the stop whistle for a short training session.

I will not give him a steady diet of this in his training at this stage, but was curious to see what he would think. I love the couple of stops he skids into on the whistle and the look on his face is clearly "TA DA! Go me!!"

I was pleased with the result!

I love when he buzzes the sheep about 3 minutes in and I just laugh. Moments like that make me smile, what good is the journey if we can't see the humor in it.