Saturday, July 16, 2011

Some lesser known sheepdog skills...

Skill #1: Watch "Sheep TV"

Skill #2: "Learn by osmosis"

Skill #3: "Be good on your tie-out"

Skill #4: "Be cute so they let you off eventually" :)

In 3 more weeks I'll put Rye on sheep again. In the interim he has been working on finding assorted ways to show how clever he is while simultaneously making me nuts. Those skills in no particular order: Climbing stepladders, opening 3 different kinds of drawers, throwing his toy OVER a 4' gate to try and convince people on the other side of the gate to play with him, and always managing to be lying quietly on his bed when I think I hear him up to no good.

In more serious news, he is enjoying his foundation agility training and is learning a few more tricks. Obedience is coming more slowly but we continue to practice on a regular basis.

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